The format for face to face networking – not that there really is one!

Arrive at the venue and order your welcome drink.

There will be goody bags out on the counter top. This is for you to add your business cards, leaflets, offers, samples, goodies to, etc (only if you want to obviously) We do this so there is no uncomfortable business card pushing. A few days before the get together we let everybody know final numbers, so you know how many to bring (max evening is 70, daytime is 40)

Chat to the other members, work the room, move around, talk to as many as you like/as possible! If you ever feel ‘stuck’ or unable to join new conversations, just find your host and they will be happy to help (we have many other members that will help too, we really aren’t a bad bunch!)

At the end of the morning, evening, don’t forget to grab a goody bag (obviously you don’t ‘have’ to stay till the end and you can stay till after we are finished if you like too)

Following and Networking, do post in the group, to say hello to those you didn’t get chance to speak to, and tell everyone a bit about you and what you do

It’s that simple x and it’s great!

Tickets include your welcome drink and the bar will be open to purchase more drinks and food can be ordered too.

Tickets can be purchased via our Local Facebook groups

Looking forward to seeing you all soon