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LEaF Translations share their top tips and access to their FREE English language style guide

The current pandemic has put great pressure on a lot of small, local businesses, particularly those in the tourist industry. Here at LEaF we have launched some new services that we think will help your business and we wanted you to be the first to know about them!


Lucy Pembayun, a German to English translator and founder of LEaF Translations, has joined forces with a small group of expert local freelancers to offer translations for the main European languages, including German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

“My main objective with LEaF has always been about helping people. There are lots of great companies in York that may not have even considered translating their marketing materials, such as websites, leaflets, menus and brochures, to attract and cater for international customers”, says Lucy. “I want to help these businesses grow and working with expert local translators means that it is a real win-win.”

Here are Lucy’s top tips for attracting international customers:


  1. Make sure your business shows up on Google
    It is important to remember that people search Google in their native language. German tourists looking to stay in York may search for ‘Unterkunft in York’. If your hotel website is only available in English, you won’t appear in the search results. As such, a great way of attracting international customers is to first identify which countries you want to target and to then have your website translated into the relevant languages.


  1. Make life easy for your customers
    By having your website, brochures or menus available in a local language you are immediately going to appeal and stand out to international customers over your competitors. Go that extra mile for them: if you know you are going to be hosting a German guest, give them their breakfast menu in their native language – it’s a nice personal touch they will remember, and they are far more likely to then recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

  1. Check your English copy
    The words that you use to describe your brand and your product or service are vital. Poorly written copy and glaring grammatical errors can be all that it takes to put off a potential customer. The LEaF Content Audit is a service for small businesses and individuals launching new websites: we take an objective look at their copy and the overall design, and help them iron out any errors to improve its impact. A lot of self-employed people don’t have the resources to outsource copywriting and this is a way to help them get perfect copy at a fraction of the price.


  1. Avoid free translation tools
    It is not just bad English content that can be off-putting. Although Google Translate and other free translation services can be tempting, they are often a false economy – poor machine translations are even more of a turn-off than badly written English content. Google Translate cannot cope with synonyms or idioms and there are a lot of words in English that simply don’t translate 1:1 in different languages. At the end of the day, you are translating your content to enhance your brand and attract more customers. Sadly, free translations do the exact opposite of this. No translation at all is often better than a bad one!


Aside from translation, LEaF is also offering support to those businesses using this time to rework their English websites and marketing materials. As a small business ourselves, we know exactly how much time and effort goes into creating website content, designing the pages and putting it all together. And how easy it is to get lost in the detail.


The LEaF Content Audit is about providing a service for small businesses and individuals, especially those launching new websites. We cast our objective eye over your website, going through it page by page with a fine-tooth comb. We highlight any grammatical errors or passages of text that could do with a tweak and give you our recommendations.


And that is not all, the LEaF Content Audit also includes a check for broken links and some simple recommendations that will improve your website for users – perhaps a splash of colour here or a call to action there. This information is like gold dust and has the potential to markedly improve how your website is received by your potential customers. We compile it all in one easy-to-read document, so you can easily implement the changes. A lot of self-employed people simply don’t have the resources to outsource copywriting. This is a way for you to get the perfect copy at a fraction of the price.


To accompany this service, Lucy has also produced the LEaF English Language Style Guide – a FREE quick-reference grammar guide. As she says: “Even as someone who has been working as a professional translator for 14 years, I still occasionally need to check whether certain words need a capital letter, how to write dates and times etc.” The LEaF English Language Style Guide bundles all of this information into one convenient document that companies and individuals can use to write consistent and correct English.

Visit the LEaF website to download your FREE copy: www.leaftranslations.com 

Finally, helping others and having a positive impact is core to LEaF Translations’ business model. To help further this dream, we are proud to announce that the company is now fully carbon neutral: “As a mother of two young children, I am really conscious of how we need to change the way we treat our planet. It can’t just be business as usual” explains Lucy.

Here at LEaF, we believe that business owners in particular have a duty to act as role models and to do their bit. Joining Offset Earth to fund tree-planting schemes and conservation projects across the world is just one small way that we can play our part. Click here to find out how many trees LEaF has planted and to find out more about our positive impact.


For more information about LEaF Translations, to request a quote or discuss your language needs visit https://leaftranslations.com/ ; or contact Lucy on 01904 373 077 or lucy@leaftranslations.com.


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