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Yvonne Lynn

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Feel and Function Better

Space to seek and find peace, purpose, perspective.

Treatments | Personal Energy Healing

  • Usui Reiki - traditional, Dr Usui mode
  • Angelic Reiki - modern, Angelic mode
  • Creative Healing - healing as inspired
  • Touch for Health, Kinesiology*

Learning - Certification, all levels, energy healing modalities

  • Usui Reiki - traditional Attunements, Dr Usui lineage
  • Angelic Reiki - modern Attunements with the Divine Realms

Attunements for all levels - self care, home practice, professional practise, teacher


  • Spiritual Mentoring - one2one gentle, proactive guidance, information and inspiration Your Spiritual growth. Receive personalised tools, tips, signposts and insights for Your personal Spiritual growth.  [Group sessions as advertised]
  • CoCreative Coaching - Are you (really) ready?  Open-hearted, dynamic, highly participatory sessions to explore spiritual ways to undo blocks, free up focus, clarify to create.   Intuitively ran CoCreation sessions for those already embracing the Spiritual nature of life, trusting signs and intuition, working on spiritual clues and applying guidance to daily life.  Bring your current top life goals, blocks, questions, challenges thoughts on life for some focused and lively conversations and Spiritual musings. Takeaway Homework with Spiritual perspectives, insights and tasks  guaranteed!  Must be ready to trust and go with the flow.

Occasional & Personal Development Programmes

Feel and Function Better

Your Spirit Matters 


* Level 3, Student Practitioner

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