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Mary Mandis

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Handmade in North Yorkshire, Yorkshire Rose Candles produces handcrafted luxury fragranced products for your home.

We like to stand out by giving each of our different fragrances a name, some are funny, some are mysterious and others say what it is but it is a great way to grab customer’s attention and create a few giggles too.  We absolutely love coming up with these fun names.

We are passionate about making high quality products that you can actually smell.  We only use the best ingredients in the country and we only use UK based suppliers.  All our products are made in small batches to ensure they our products really are handcrafted.

We know our customers want their candle fragrance to fill their room, so we use a blend of vegetable and mineral wax.  This wax gives you the best of both worlds, a clean burn together with an amazing fragrance aroma for your home.  Our candle wicks are a cotton blend.

Our wax melts are also made with a blended wax.  We use a hard wax, so they don’t go soft in your hand and it also makes the wax melt easier to get out of your burner when you wish to change your scent.

Finally, we are aiming to reduce our use of plastic as much as possible.  Our candle tins can be recycled and glass candles can be washed out and re-used, they make lovely plant pots for succulent plants.    We use recyclable kraft boxes for our glass containers and reed duffers.  Our wax melts are packaged in paper bags, which are 100% recyclable and biodegradable .  Our packaging material is all recyclable too.  However, we do receive large qualities of plastic bubble wrap from our suppliers, so instead of sending it to landfill we re-use it in your orders.  So if you receive a parcel from us with plastic bubble wrap we can assure you we have not purchase it ourselves we are re-using what we have received.

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