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Self-testing masterclass, learn game changing techniques and valuable insights to help you achieve consistent, reliable, effective results.

Whatever your experience of self-testing, this workshop has plenty for everyone and you will leave with practical tools, techniques and strategies you can implement straight away.

One of the biggest challenges with self-testing is how to be impartial, it is all too easy to get in our own way, creating a loop of self- doubt, leading to uncertainty and endless confusing questions before, finally, disappearing down a self-testing rabbit hole.

But, it doesn't have to be this way.

Guided by a professional instructor, together we will explore a revolutionary self-testing technique that will bring a new level of clarity to your practice.

Learn professional tips and insights to further your expertise and help you get the most from your self-testing activities.

In this 3 hour, interactive, workshop we will explore various aspects of self-testing, including a brand new self-testing technique that helps you get out of your own way, improve clarity and achieve quicker, more reliable results.

Together we will investigate

  • What self-testing is (and what it isn’t)
  • When to self-test and when not to
  • Various methods of self-testing, including a brand new game changing technique
  • How to get out of your own way
  • How to be quick, effective and reliable in your own self testing process
  • What questions to ask
  • Reliable questioning protocols
  • The best time(s) to ask
  • How to spot when self-testing is not working
  • What to do when self-testing goes awry


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Online via Zoom

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  • Nov 14 at 10:00AM

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