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Ruth Tarr

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Individually tailored psychotherapy (including CBT), hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift and Reiki sessions for adults, children and young people (aged 6+), to help you be all you can be and live the life you want to live. I also teach additional techniques for you to use in your daily life, such as mindfulness, relaxation and breathing techniques.

Free 1 hour consultation sessions available to find out how I can help you or your child. Sessions are available face to face or online. Support is available for those who need it in between sessions; when working with a child or young person parental support is also available.

I have successfully helped many adults, children and young people suffering from anxiety, depression, anger issues, lack of confidence, IBS, bad habits (including nail biting and skin picking) and phobias (including fear of flying) to name but a few.

Check out past client reviews on my website and facebook business page.

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