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Dorothy Hodgkinson

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Helping you to simplify complexity, calm distraction and work more effectively.

Finding Perspectives is all about realising the benefits of different points of view and approaching challenges from multiple angles.  All the services below are offered individually or in combination – always tailored to your specific needs.


- Knowledge and skills training: we can help you bring the best out of your team by providing training in a range of topics including effective communication skills, emotional resilience, advocacy and understanding risk

- Micro-business perspectives groups: regular meetings with your peers in which you  work 'on' your business, exploring ways to make it more resilient and effective

- Facilitated focus workshops: these will strengthen your team by improving their understanding of one another and the ways in which they communicate, learn and work

- Individual coaching: dedicated time and space in which you can define and achieve your personal and professional goals

- Guidance and support for charities & community groups: learn about various means of securing funding for charitable projects or services, how to write stronger bids and compile effective reports to funders

Specialist support service -

Divorce coaching - individual coaching to support you emotionally and practically through the immediate impact of separation/divorce so that you can think more clearly, instruct your solicitor with clarity and focus on what matters most to you in what is so often an overwhelming point in your life


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