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Emma Langton

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Are you managing a team of people and need to enhance their performance or increase engagement?
Is resilience, change or wellbeing high on your agenda?

?If you need to enhance the performance and wellbeing of your team, then you’re in the right place!

? If you’re an ambitious, high performing leader and feel that your struggle creates stress, doubt or overwhelm then we need to talk!

Performance and success doesn’t have to cost you your health or wellbeing.
Change is always possible and the good news is, it can be easier than you think.

WEBINARS, ONLINE Workshops, Training, Lunch and Learn Sessions:

All workshops and trainings have proven structure and frameworks that get results:

?‍? Managing Stress during the Coronavirus Crisis. Giving you the most effective tools and techniques so that you can increase your focus, reduce your stress, juggle home and children and operate at peak performance during a challenging time.

?‍?Work Life Balance and Effective Boundaries.  Covid-19 means situations that are difficult to manage with working at home, juggling staff, children and increasing work pressure, causing more stress and a reduction in productivity and engagement.  This will provide a framework for getting the balance with effective strategies so that staff perform better in a way that prioritises their health, whilst reducing stress and work hours.

?‍? Resilience in the Workplace where your team get the most effective tools and techniques so that they can handle the high pressure, demands or difficulties without being frustrated, stressed or overwhelmed.

?‍? Handle Change with Ease where your team learn how to adopt key strategies so that they can handle change without the fear, worry or resistance.

COACHING (online)

Using high level techniques alongside NLP, psychology and neuroscience so that you can:
✔️Enhance communication so that you get better engagement and stakeholder buy-in.
✔️Reduce stress and overwhelm levels so that you are thinking clearly and working efficiently
✔️Lead with clarity and confidence, so make better decisions and delegate with authority
✔️Make critical decisions in a well-balanced and informed way so that goals and targets are reached strategically across the board

I'm an ex corporate leader (not HR) so I bring the strategic and operational experience to understand the pressures in real life and know how to make the impact that makes a difference across the company.

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