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A 3 hour Masterclass with a fresh approach to Personal Success.

This masterclass is designed for women like you, women who want to live life fully and embrace themselves, to reach their potential but without the emotional cost or loss of simply enjoying life.

We will be exploring what lies behind true confidence, and how we can experience higher levels of resilience. How we can navigate these uncertain times with more ease and confidence and with a knowing that we will know what to do.

You will be introduced to how you can release yourself from self doubt, from fear, worry and stress and how you can move confidently into your future, free from any restrictions that you have collected through life.

All of this will be explored in a relaxed, informal way, whilst it may be a gentle journey it will nonetheless be impactful, with no techniques or strategies to remember or practice you will leave with a deeper understanding of how you work that will remain with you.

AND... this event is for charity!

The Island is a charity in York providing islands of space and time for vulnerable children and young people building confidence self-esteem and unlocking potential through positive mentoring relationships and unique programmes. Each mentoring session costs £15 with each programme running for 52 weeks.

I became aware of The Island a couple of years ago and have wanted to support them, clearly over the last few months many charities have suffered as fund-raising events haven’t been able to take place.

I thought wouldn’t it be amazing if we could get 100 women on a Masterclass all donating £20 to be there - it would raise a phenomenal amount of money and provide much needed mentoring to the teens in York, many of whom have been deeply affected by the last few months.

So not only do I help you on your journey, we are all helping the next generation on theirs...

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  • Sep 05 at 2:00PM

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Andrea Morrison

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