Behind every trusted brand is a person and behind every person is a personality

Throughout my years as a social media marketer, I’ve discovered that often, the public is drawn to people more so than the product. Many business owners that I speak to are afraid to inject their personalities into their online marketing. For a business to sell a product or service, they need a unique brand to make them stand out. Also, consumers want to buy from someone they can trust, know they will have a good working relationship with, or will receive excellent customer service – should anything go wrong. This is where injecting your personality into your marketing comes in! Many companies use social media nowadays to promote their products. Yet, business owners forget to inject their personality into the brand, thus not making it stand out. The lack of personal interaction does not allow business owners to build a relationship and trust with their audience. Remember, you want to turn that audience into buying customers! Live videos are great for showing off your personality, as are images of yourself along with posts knowledge and expertise on your product. This shows the public that you’re a real person and can be trusted. My advice is to be approachable, friendly, inject the odd bit of humour, stay grounded and engage with your audience. Remember that behind every trusted brand is a person and behind every person is a personality.

Alison Harper BSc (Hons), MSc,

Social Media Manager,

Alquin Social Media.


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