Are sleep masks bad for your eyelashes? 

Is it possible to have healthy eyelashes AND a sleep mask?
I was asked for help recently on how to look after your lashes and the use of sleep masks to avoid destroying them.
The unfortunate fact is that sleep masks can, in fact, damage your lashes. They may cause lashes to grow criss-crossed as they are pressed down throughout the night. For example, if you sleep on your right side may notice that your right lashes grow sideways or inwards.
If you do need to use a sleep mask, especially on lighter mornings (or in the case of my lady, migraines) sleeping on your back will help relieve some of the pressure on your lashes. Changing your sleeping habits certainly isn’t an easy feat, but it will ensure that your lashes will stay safer throughout the night.
For extra protection with or without a sleep mask, use a lash syrem to help strengthen and nourish your lashes. Keep it with your toothbrush or on your dressing table with your skincare to ensure you remember to use it as directed. This will help your lashes stay strong no matter how often you need that sleep mask.
My top tips for helping keep your lashes luscious:
Always remove your makeup before bed. Leaving make-up on eyes overnight can also lead to a build-up of bacteria, which may lead to blepharitis which can cause eyelashes to either fall out or to grow abnormally.
Frequently condition your lashes (before make-up in the morning, after make-up removal at night) this will keep the lashes strong and glossy. Make sure you apply on the top of the lashes from mid length to tip, it will naturally coat down the lash to the root without getting in your eyes.
A balanced lifestyle. Just like the rest of your body, your eyelashes rely on you to be healthy over all, so eating well, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep will help keep your lashes looking healthy and luscious, which is the perfect base for any lash style.
Lots of love to your lashes from Kate @ MamaLippys Beauty Therapy xx
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