Age is really just a number

Week after week I have patients and clients come in with the belief that the reason why they wake up with aches and pains is because they are getting older. The standard narrative from GP’s and online advice backs this up but I couldn’t disagree more.

It is only true in that we have more life experience and a past behind us. Every injury we have had, big or small leaves us with some residual habits in our bodies. These habits can include changing how we stand, sit and walk.




More injuries=more changes to our normal movement patterns. More chance to disrupt the natural balanced state we are born with.


Each time we have an injury or ache and we alter how we move this can lead to layers of change in movement habits. Our bodies may even forget how to perform certain movements because we have learned to do without them.



Our bodies function best when we move efficiently. Over time and several injuries later it is harder to come back to that centred efficient place. When there are areas where restriction occurs, the normal movement needed there will have to be completed elsewhere in the body.


All is not totally lost though…….


There are three things you can do to help yourself:


  1. Become more self aware- our busy lifestyles leave us little time to focus on ourselves and how we are feeling. The earlier you pick up on aches and niggles, the easier they are to resolve.


  1. Don’t be afraid to move-fear of moving limits our bodies and creates additional tension. The best way to overcome your fear is to start with smaller, slower movement done in a safe position such as lying down or supported.


  1. Always look to maintain and improve your available movement through a variety of exercise. When our bodies experience many different challenges they become stronger and more resilient.



With better self awareness, less fear about moving and always striving to improve your available movement it is amazing what you can achieve, at any age.


These are just some of the goals I achieve in both clinic and classes every day with my patients and clients. My new Move Well workshops are a great way to learn more about your own body and what you can do to have better quality of movement, less pain or stiffness and more knowledge of how to keep it.


I offer many options to people, either through one to one, group classes and online instruction.


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